3 days off Suboxone, help appreciated!

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Author: laddertipper

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 8:44 am

RsjxRsj wrote:
Beer, I hate BEER. Horse piss!
But yeah, that’s the thing I’d worry about most is getting piss drunk and making the poor decisions that come along with that.

I had a jack and coke the other night, gagged on the first sip, then 15 minutes later it was gone, I looked at my partner and said whoa, that went down scary good. His comeback was "you start drinking now I’m seriously gonna kick your ASS". He meant it too.

On another note, I am 3X days out now, I’m not bothering to count anymore, But I had the most bizarre day yesterday. It started off rocky (or so I thought) just 5 hours sleep. Woke up at 4:00am, decided to have some coffee and pout. But I went and sat outside, had that first cup of coffee and before I knew it, I had the house picked up, dishes done and it was time to go to work. Got REAL busy, had shit thrown at me all damn day and not only did I keep up, I knocked out today’s workload and enough to keep me from having to work at home at all over the weekend! (rare). Then came quittin’ time and usually I’d just be toast but the momentum kept going. Talked to my mom for over an hour on the phone (even rarer). Seems she only sleeps 4 hours a night, my brother sleeps about 5 hours a night and all her brothers and sisters only sleep 4-6 hours a night. Then she says "I never understood why you started going to bed so damn early anyway" (10:00pm) and she reminded me that up until just a few years ago I was never in bed before midnight or 1:00 and always up by 6:00… OMG MOM STFU. She’s totally right. Crazy how you’re perception of what "normal" is can get so skewed. So I’ve been banished from using the word Normal now. What is IS I guess. And I hate to say it but this is quickly becoming my favorite part of the day, the early mornings before work. Which sucks because I’m not a morning person! Or am IIIIII.

Maybe you’re a morning person and you didn’t even know it! Thank goodness for mommies. Very Happy Glad to hear you are feeling good, getting up, getting going, kicking butt and taking names.

I’m with you about the word ‘normal’.


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