Do you prefer the tablet or the film?

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Author: autononymous

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:09 pm

I am still prescribed the tablets–last time I saw my doctor I forgot to ask to be switched to the films. However, i have been able to try the films because I have traded a few tabs for films with someone i know who is also on sub–I know, I know, I guess technically that’s a type of diversion–but we both have legit scripts and we traded evenly–1 tab for 1 film. I have to say that I prefer the films over the tabs because the tabs really taste terrible to me. And i salivate a lot and have this nasty tasting orange goo all over my mouth and then feel like I should not spit or swallow right away in order to let the sub absorb. The films don’t create that goo so they don’t taste so bad and they are known to absorb faster and better than the tabs too. I do have the problem of the tabs getting stuck to my teeth and sometimes folding over on themselves though. Another benefit of the films, is, supposedly the buprenorphine in the tablets is not necessarily distributed evenly through the pills so if you are taking a dose of less than a full tablet a day you may not be consistently getting an accurate dose at all, while with the films supposedly you can cut them into halves and on down and assume that the dose is divided just the same as you divided each film. The only reason i might want to use the tabs is if I wanted to do a water-taper at the end of tapering off altogether–I guess the films might be able to be dissolved into a water solution, but I’ve heard that it is not a good idea because the films don’t have whatever preservative is in the tablets that makes the buprenorphine last when dissolved in water and saved.

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