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Author: exorphin

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:38 pm

Regarding my experience with being on Suboxone for almost 7 years and
dealing with my emotions while on this medicine:

Yes, I DO believe that most of all of my different emotions and feelings ARE
a bit "muffled" while on Suboxone. For one example, I find it difficult to cry when I feel like crying.
(However, I am not blaming this ALL on the Suboxone- as I have always had trouble with
accessing and outwardly expressing my feelings and emotions.) But, that is one of the biggest
reasons why I had started using opiates in the first place- to "numb" my feelings and emotions.

As well, I have experienced what had felt like increased restlessness and anxiety when I had tried to taper/
go off of subs at least 3 times, during these past 6+ years of being on Suboxone, within at least 5 days
of stopping the sub.

I am now on 4 mg of sub per day- and will eventually (am not sure exactly when, though) have to
taper off of subs and go off of them due to insurance reasons- as I have previously posted.

This is just my "2 cents" on this subject.


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