Suboxone clinics : Where are the suboxone clinics ?

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suboxone clinics

suboxone clinics

Finding a Subxone Clinics

Unlike methadone treatment, suboxone clinics (also known as buprenorphine) can be found in a doctor’s offices.  Any U.S. doctors can take the training and obtain a special DEA license to prescribe this medication in their office for the treatment of addiction.  This office based use is allowed because suboxone abuse is much less common than abuse of other narcotics such as Oxycontin or Heroin because of suboxone’s special properties.

Suboxone for pain is another use of this medication.  It is quite good for moderate to severe pain and requires different dosing than it’s use in narcotic addiction.  The use of buprenorphine for pain is not common because physicians are more comfortable with using and dosing of older narcotic medications.

Suboxone Clinics in Your Doctor’s Office

Many doctors who prescribe suboxone in their offices only do it for a few patients in their practice and do not advertise their treatment.  If you are looking for a suboxone doctor, you should first ask your own physician if he or she prescribes the medication. If they don’t, they might be willing to get the training.

Suboxone Clinics in a Psychiatric Hospital

Psychiatric hospitals will be able to get you started on suboxone, and they will usually have an aftercare Suboxone program where their own doctor will continue to do prescribe the medication.  They may or may not be advertised as an addiction program.

Finally, methadone clinics should all be able to prescribe suboxone.  You should be aware that methadone clinics have a different set of regulations and rules for suboxone use and prescribing.  They may require more frequent followup which makes it less used than office based Suboxone treatment. Many people don’t like going to methadone clinics because they may be in a less safe or more remote part of town.  Sometimes they are in another town or city.  In addition, going to a “methadone clinic”  carries a stigma in many individual’s minds.

In summary,  suboxone clinics are available in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and at methadone centers.  The best place to start is asking your own family doctor because they may be prescribing it already (and are not advertising it as a ‘clinic’.

Find Suboxone Clinics in Your Area:

If you feel you need help and are looking for suboxone clinics or a doctor who prescribes Suboxone, click here for our buprenophine physician registry.  If you think you may need more intensive treatment such a methadone detox, other opioid detox, or getting started on buprenorphine inpatient, click here for our state opioid treatment center registry.


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