Gonna have surgery (hyterectomy)

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Author: laddertipper

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:00 pm

DOAQ, lol! I actually like that song too. Very Happy

Breezy_Ann, I don’t know why I had to stay five days. I didn’t have complications after the fact….weird! And I had my kids at three different hospitals too.

Chaotic, I don’t know when it is. The scheduler is ‘out of the office’ and I’m not pleased because I really need to plan for it. I may be on the schedule and not know it, which would really stink.

So, I was supposed to ‘jump’. Actually, I planned to take my last 1/16 on Wednesday night, and I took it at 1 a.m. I was on a little vacation and we got back to the room late. Anyway, then on the way home yesterday, I started my period AGAIN! Soooooo ticked about it being five days early when it lasts five days longer than normal!! I did not take my Sub last night. I did sleep a good five hours, which is plenty. However, I feel like I’m fighting a bug. My throat kills, my cramps are insane, and I have stomach troubles from lack of Sub. I do feel weighted down and weak and period-crappy. My cramps should be illegal. Combined, these factors are making me a little bit Evil or Very Mad but I’m going to soldier on a little more. If I end up needing another 1/16, I won’t beat myself up over it, but I want to see how hard I can push it. I’d like to get through tonight, even if I don’t sleep. I have a really long day tomorrow (long drive to cheer/working @ cheer/watching an air show after/etc.), so if I do all that and end up needing some Sub afterward, that’s okay. Hopefully I won’t, but I’m not boxing myself in, lol.

For a long time I was struggling while dosing three times a day! At this point, I have not had any Sub for 40 hours. I’m doing pretty well and cannot complain (too much anyway).

Thank you wonderful people for holding me up. It’s funny….even a couple days away and I miss this place. Wink


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