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Author: Romeo

Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:26 pm

Hey B Real,

I did the Suboxone wd dance just over a year ago. I remember taking Tylenol PM one night in an effort to help me sleep, but I might as well have plugged my legs into an electrical socket!! My RLS went CRAZY on that stuff, for me, the diphenhydramine HCl in Tylenol PM made things 10 times worse.

Xanax is OK to use short term, .25mg is the lowest dose of Xanax they make, if memory serves. The Xanax will help calm you down and it should not prolong your wd because it’s in a totally different class of drugs. You kinda made me chuckle when you corrected yourself from the 25mg number to the .25mg number……had you taken 25mg of Xanax…..wd would be the least of your worries right now!! Xanax is highly addictive itself, be careful with it, OK?

Have you ever heard of Clonidine? It’s a blood pressure medication that’s prescribed "off label" for opiate wd. It’s the gold standard for opiate wd. It won’t eliminate all your wd, but it makes life more bearable. I was taking .1mg twice daily. Nice thing about Clonidine too, it has a sedative effect!! BTW, .1mg is correct. Ask your doctor about it, you’ll be glad you did.

As far as any other supplements or OTC stuff……those never worked for me, but I never did try the Magnesium for the RLS.

BTW, I was on Suboxone 3 years when I quit too. Getting off of it is not fun, but you can do it. Stay strong, keep your mind busy and keep your body busy if you can. Believe me, sitting around doing nothing is THE WORST thing you can do during wd.

Oh Yeah, what’s your plan to stay off of drugs once you quit Suboxone. I made it 10 months off of Suboxone before the wheels came off the wagon and I used again. I only used for a few days, but it was enough to let me know I needed some additional help. I go to NA regularly now. It helps me. Some people do AA, some do SMART recovery, some do one on one counseling. I would encourage you look into doing something to protect your sobriety.

Hang in there man.

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