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Author: slipper

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 3:51 pm

indigochild wrote:

slipper wrote:
I don’t take it the night before my Dr.’s visit in case they do a drug screen.

uh, i don’t know if anyone touched on this but….benzos such as klonopin stay in your system forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stopping Klonopin the night before won’t do a thing. Klonopins half-life is like a day? LOL….unless yer taking versed which i seriously doubt…..u better do something other than yer plan- not taking it the night before to pass UA? how much do u know about benzos anyway?……i usually know everything about drugs i love!

Thanks for the heads up…i know klonopin has a long half life..I usually stop about two days before actually and dring that time I drink the hell out of the water…prob. up to a gallon or more…so far this has worked..I agree with you about benzo withdrawal being worse than opiate withdrawal..I quit valium one time cold turkey (had taken 40 mg. at night for sleep for about a year) and oh man..I saw acorns raining from the sky..it was so real had to cover my eyes!!!

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