Jumped without a parachute…. Didn’t even count to 3..

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Author: ontoolong

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2012 4:42 pm

If you hit the quote on a person’s post (to the right) it will copy what they wrote and let you respond too. Hope you had some time to rest Smile

Glorydays wrote:
Varitech, Benadryl stopped the sneezing for me but it might make u drowsy… I can’t remember if I read that u tried that or not.. I want to say afew more things but sleep calls – don’t want to miss out on a few hours Smile

& ontoolong, thank u for ur interest!.. I hav got to try & sleep a couple hours NOW before my man gets home & snores me onto the couch, but check back a lil later please I’d like to give u that info.. Btw, almost hate to ask – shows my ignorance about forums but how did u pull up my mssge & respond directly to me in this thread

Romeo – thanks for info –

Back soon to this life saver of a thread..

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