Low Testosterone levels

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Author: LTDS5

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 12:10 pm

I started taking subs like a month before turning 28yrs old, after about 5-6 months I noticed a lower sex drive, I used to drink a lot while taking opiates and didn’t notice it while using but 6 months into subs I had no sex drive, I’m a year and a half plus into them now and I feel much more normal sexdrive now maybe it subsides after you take subs for a year plus? Just my experience. Also I got a little worried about it at one point my fiance started to think I wasn’t interested and I didn’t want her to feel like that ever. I tried an over the counter supplement called tribulis testeris, you can get it at gnc for pretty cheap and it boosts natural T and also helps to block estrogen production, I could feel a difference in sex drive and energy for sure. I also started to excersize more (lifting weights and running a little) big change. Just thought I would share this its a cheap natural way to try and see if it works. (I never had my T levels checked by a doc so I don’t know what they were or if they went up but I could feel a change in my symptoms big time) give it a try, maybe it will help you too. I don’t currently take anything and I feel fin a year and a half in as far as energy and sex drive now, if your new to subs these symptoms may even out over time.check with your doc ofcourse good luck guys.

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