Problems switching to Generic Subutex?

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Author: LTDS5

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:43 pm

Let me give you more info, thanks for your response. I moved to Tucson about 4 plus months ago from New England were my doctor gave me the generics after loosing insurance. I was on generics for about a year and when I moved here that was all the new doc was comfortable giving me, that’s why I’m hoping he will trust me after almost 6 months with him. At first I thought the climate change was messing with me but after hearing so many others with these symptoms I think its the naloxone in the strips for sure. Also there are plenty of docs around but its 200$ plus to change docs and there’s no gaurantee that I will be able to get generic from a new doc, I would make my money back in 2 months but moneys tight I have a family and its a huge gamble for me to dish out all that money and get stuck with the same kind of) controled doctor. The strips still kill my cravings and that’s why I feel they’re better then going back to my old lifestyle. The generic would save me money and make me feel better, if he says no again I don’t know what ill do, I don’t want stop and risk relapse, my family is to important

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