Running a Suboxone Clinic : DEA Information

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Suboxone Clinic For Doctors : What is the DEA Information You Need to Know ?

Suboxone Clinic and The DEA Suboxone Clinic and The DEA

The Physicians clinical support network has free webinars for physicians to help run a suboxone clinic . The webinars are archived on the American Psychiatric Association web site and can be viewed by anyone.   The last webinar I watched discussd the DEA requirements for suboxone physicians.  It was well presented and took around 45 minutes to view.  Slides can be downloaded for viewing.

Running a suboxone clinic entails some requirements that need to be followed by physicians.  These include adequate records.  The webinar covers the specifics of this record keeping so a DEA audit will go smoothly.  The speaker covers the approximate risk of an audit and how best to be prepared. There is a question and answer session after the initial talk.

I thought the webinar was done well and did not contain much “fluf.” All the information was relevant. If you are a physician who prescribes suboxone, it would be well worth your time to review this information.  If you are a patient and want to know the requirements for physicians prescribing suboxone; this will give you more information.

Here is more information about suboxone prescription patient medical records. There are extra safeguards when keeping records of patients on buprenorphine.

Here is a screenshot of the DEA webinar for suboxone clinic physicians

Suboxne Clinic and the DEA Suboxne Clinic and the DEA

Suboxone Treatment Directory and Suboxone Clinic Directory For Help Opioid Dependence

Dr. Rich is a Board Certified Psychiatrist with licenses in Texas and Hawaii. He specializes in the treatment of opioid addiction with buprenorphine and runs a FREE locator service to find Oxycontin Treament including Suboxone treatment of oxycontin addiction. Find a Suboxone Clinic in your area.
Dr. Rich has written more articles on the cost of oxycontin, buprenorphine (Suboxone) including frequently asked questions and a recent post : The cost of addiction vs. the cost of suboxone .

Here are more resources for running a suboxone clinic :

1. SAMHSA information for physicians and other healthcare professionals.

2. American Psychaitric Association

3. American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry

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