Severe Anxiety

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Author: tearj3rker

Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2011 10:34 am

Some really good advice in these posts.

Like hat said, I’d try to to nail whether or not anxiety is an underlying problem. Trying to figure that out can give you some idea of how to deal with the problem as well. Look into your past before you used opiates, and try to put a finger on whether you had anxiety episodes then. Bear in mind that low level anxiety is normal in many situations, and necessary to our survival. Everyone gets a bit anxious, even if they don’t admit it. It’s also abnormal to not suffer some kind of social anxiety. It’s the debilitating anxiety that is abnormal, and needs to be looked at. Also does you family have a history of clinical anxiety / depression? These things can run in the family. If there’s definitely clinical anxiety going on throughout your life, then it will likely need periods of treatment in the long term. Try non-medical methods first, medication once all else fails. Try to stay off the tranquillisers.

If your anxiety is a symptom of your "early recovery" off opiates, then personally I would try to delay jumping on the medicine bandwagon and see if the problem passes on its own. I’d also look into things like exercise, meditation, cutting out caffeine, diet, sleep etc. I think when we immediately turn to medications in early recovery, we are avoiding what is really an opportunity to learn to deal with life’s difficulties without drugs or meds.

And something really important? The only way you will stay clean is if you understand that, no matter how bad your anxiety gets, opiates will never be the solution. Allowing ourselves to "self-medicate" with opiates when our mental health deteriorates is a big predictor of relapse. You gotta nip that one in the bud!

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