Suboxone Drug Test :Can They Find Suboxone in Drug Test ?

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suboxone drug test

suboxone drug test

Suboxone Drug Test: Not Usually in Regular Drug Screens

Suboxone (buprenorphine) does not show up on routine urine drug screening. When I do a suboxone drug test on patients who are taking buprenorphine (suboxone) , I am mainly checking that it is present in the system; that the person is indeed taking the medication.  I have to buy a drug screen that has a specific suboxone drug test which also includes a test for other drugs of abuse.  You never know, however, if an employment drug screen will include buprenorphine, but it usually won’t.

Suboxone Drug Tests in the Government and Corporporations

I’ve had patients who have worked for the government and for corporations worry if they will get caught with a suboxone drug test. They wonder whether they should get off suboxone rather than say anything to their employer.   My response is usually “Is suboxone treatment something to hide? ”  I do have mixed feelings on this topic.  There remains a stigma among employers (and people in general) regarding people with substance use disorders. This remains even if the patient is seeking help and is doing well.  So the real question is whether a person can trust his employer and those around him or her to not be discriminatory.  Some people don’t want anyone to know.  On the other hand, I’ve had patients who have described an outpouring of support from those around them when they reveal the truth. Most family and friends know when someone is a drug user by their historical behavior. Employers are may be suspicious because of seeing an employee with withdrawal symptoms although they may not know what is wrong. Most of the time they are relieved a person is getting help.  So what do you do?

Reveal Your Buprenorphine use before have a suboxone drug test?

Well, revealing this information happens once.  Once the cat is out of the bag, you’ve got to live with the consequences.  If someone is repeatedly relapsing, this could lead to dismissal faster. However, one could argue that an active user will usually end up losing their job anyway. I usually recommend to my patients they tell their employer about their treatment if there is any possibility that taking their medication could wind up causing them problem in the future.  If someone is in the armed forces or does a lot of driving for their work would be examples.  One must seriously consider what could happen personally and legally if there is an accident and later discovery of buprenorphine use.  Narcotic dependence is a life long  problem and  patients usually stay on this medication for some time. Is it really something to hide?

Find Suboxone Doctors:

If you feel you need help and are looking for a doctor who prescribes Suboxone, click here for our buprenophine physician registry.  If you think you may need more intensive treatment such a methadone detox, other opioid detox, or getting started on buprenorphine inpatient, click here for our state opioid treatment center registry.

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