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Many individuals are able to illegally obtain Suboxone for sale off the streets.  Because of the need for monitoring during Suboxone treatment, it is only wise to obtain the medication from an authorized physician and a pharmacy that has suboxone for sale. Suboxone is an addictive medication and had serious withdrawal problems.

National Public Radio has an interesting article on a drug dealer making suboxone for sale.  The article also covered other suboxone topics such as overdose deaths, the number of doctors prescribing Suboxone, and the abuse of Suboxone.  It is a nice, easy to read summary for the general public to read.  You can find this article on suboxone and suboxone for sale here.

According to this article, it appears the number of doctors obtaining licenses to prescribe suboxone has been declining from year to year. The article doesn’t really address the reasons for this. My thought is that many doctors don’t want to deal with “drug addicts.”  For sure, some individuals with narcotic dependence can be a handful.  I’ve had a few.  However, the majority of those seeking treatment who are appropriate for suboxone treatment do quite well.

Many physicians may fear attracting criminal element to their practices.  When I’ve talked to others about suboxone treatment, the thought of methadone clinics comes up and people begin thinking of patients shooting up drugs outside a methadone clinic.  Many methadone clinics are in not-s0-nice parts of town.  The patients who seem to do well on suboxone may be employed, be a student, and they have insurance.

Patients are concerned about getting addicted to suboxone and many do not seek treatment for this.  They try to avoid getting opioid treatment and many end up relapsing and looking for  suboxone for sale on the streets.  The is a small percentage of opioid dependent individuals who are able to get off narcotics and stay off, but most are unable to do so over the long term.

These days, many insurances are beginning to cover most of the cost of suboxone.  They are will usually cover the cost of the physician visit so the total cost of seeking suboxone treatment had been getting lower over time for most patients.  Many doctors still only accept cash for treatment, but so many physicians are now treatment opioid dependent patients, that even paying cash has become more affordable.

If you are looking for suboxone for sale and need to first find a suboxone doctor in your area, follow this link for our free suboxone doctor directory.

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