UPDATE DUI on Suboxone

by Admin

Call 1 (888) 460-6556 to speak with a counselor.

Author: IBenThere2

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:32 am

hmmm,im not sure if i would fully agree on the statement of"being on a medication(sub)that don’t impair you at all"suboxone does in my opinion impair.I have been on them for a quite a few years now and i believe i am somewhat impaired to the degree of the nod,i have been in situations many of times where keeping my eyes open was a problem while driving but on the other hand i don’t sleep much so it could be a mixture,depending on the situation which i haven’t read yet but if an officer had me sitting in his office at times and he were to observe me im sure he would call me impaired due to my drowsy eyes and in realty i would claim the same of me and a lot of sub user i see i know when they are what i call in the nod.

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