Suboxone Video : Another Way To See Opioid Addiction

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Suboxone Video

Suboxone Video

Suboxone Video : Another Way To See Opioid Addiction

It can be very helpul to see a suboxone video and watch another person talking about their suboxone experience. I’ve got one suboxone video below and further down there are a list of links to other videos.  I hope this is helpful. Here is an older video from the maker of Suboxone.  Youtube does not allow embedding for this video.   Hope you find it interesting.

If you are looking for more information on suboxone, you can find it here. I also have information on oxycontin addiction and have an oxycontin treatment directory.  There are plenty of other videos to be found about suboxone and other narcotics.  Remeber that some of the bad experiences seen in the videos may be either to a person not using suboxone correctly or from inadequate clinic supervision.

Overall, suboxone is a great medication.  It has been one of the most successful medications that I have prescribed for others.  Addicts seem to very well on this medication.  There are downsides to the medication such as the financial cost and having to take a medication for a very long period of time.  However, I think it has allowed many addicts to get their lives back together and move on with their families and jobs.

Suboxone Video

Find Suboxone Doctors:

If you feel you need help and are looking for a doctor who prescribes Suboxone, click here for our buprenophine physician registry.  If you think you may need more intensive treatment such a methadone detox, other opioid detox, or getting started on buprenorphine inpatient, click here for our state opioid treatment center registry.

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