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Author: slipper

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:12 am

rule62 wrote:
Just a little information on what happened with my surgery.

I was able to get down to 1mg before the surgery date and that helped tremendously. The surgery was a partial tongue removal and the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. Couldn’t swallow for a week and could only sit and meditate and pray for the pain to go down to a 8 or 9.

They gave me Lortab 10/500’s with instructions to take one every four hours. Yea right! I told my doctor I needed at least two at one time and even that had no effect for just about a week. So either the Sub was blocking the effect or the pain was so bad it didn’t work. I truly believe I should have been on Morphine or equivalent in either patch form or some kind of liquid. I did not abuse them with the exception of taking two. This doctor is known to be a pain pill cheap skate. It was his nurse who told me that and she gave me enough pills for pain relief.

Today it is 15 days since my surgery and the pain is now manageable. I refilled the scrip today and am not sure when or if to go back onto Sub. I have one more surgery and then radiation which is very painful from what they tell me.

The next surgery won’t be for at least three weeks so I think I’ll go back onto Sub and try not to take too much. My goal once again is to be at 1mg the day before. There is not enough Lortab to last until then so I don’t really have a choice.

That’s the 411 on how my surgery went. Everyone has a different experience but this is how it was for me.

RULE: sorry i messed up the last post…i never know where to put it!….Judy

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