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Author: tearj3rker

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:56 am

MES, I don’t doubt that the process worked for him. There are countless ways people can detox. People go to Thailand to joint a camp where they’re forced to vomit for 30 days, and some even get clean from that. It doesn’t matter how a person gets clean, what matters is whether they’re determined enough to do it.

What I’m trying to say is, people can get clean through all sorts of ways. Recommending that people take Vicodin to ease the withdrawal is dangerous. It may have worked for your friend, but I tell you, 99% of people couldn’t control their vicodin dosing in the middle of withdrawals. It’s a very dangerous suggestion, and a recipe for relapse for most addicts.

I’ve been watching your posts for the last few days MES, and I don’t want to sound blunt, but it seems you’re fixated on finding "shortcuts" to get off opioids. All opioids, including suboxone, are a challenge to get off. And there are no shortcuts! It’s one of those things a person can’t cut corners with, or take "drugs" to cure. As long as you keep looking for these shortcuts, or drugs to cure your addiction, especially ideas like this, IMO (and I don’t want to be blunt) you’re not yet at the stage in your recovery to consider getting off Suboxone. That being said, I don’t know you in person. I’m just going based on the things you have posted.

All the best. And seriously, don’t self-administer Vicodin to help you detox – or should I say, retox.

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